We spend big bucks on research.
Adshel has invested over $3 million dollars in audience measurement and research across consumer insights, creative effectiveness and media optimisation tools. Below are some studies we have developed to help you with determining the best strategy for your clients. We continue to remain at the forefront of research and insights with exciting new studies on the way. Make sure you sign up to our newsletter to read about our latest research.


The classic Adshel poster hugely increases campaign effectiveness. In an increasingly digitised media landscape, does the classic Adshel poster have any influence on campaign effectiveness? Actually, Adshel increases results by over 20% at every stage of the consumer journey.


Contextually Relevant Advertising is 19% More Effective Adshel commissions world’s first neurological study proving the effectiveness of contextually relevant advertising across digital out-of-home A world’s first: Adshel are the first to market globally undertaking neurological research to prove that context…