Path-to-Purchase – Auto

30% seems to be a magic number for out-of-home – particularly in the auto category.

Adshel have done some path-to-purchase research and the results are enough to raise the eyebrows of even the most hardened media executives. We know how much you love stats, so we’re going to tease you with a juicy little sample.

30% of people visited a website as a result of seeing out-of-home ‘new car’ advertisements.

31% said OOH introduced them to new products and services.

And 30% said OOH ads gave them something to engage with while travelling.

Travel is a key part of our industry. As our famous How Agency Are You survey shows, most of the population don’t spend their downtime chipping around Surry Hills eating canapés, they’re out in the ‘burbs, probably driving about on arterial roads on their way to big shopping centres.

That’s why the next statistic is important – 53% of our survey recalled OOH new car advertisements in the suburbs. That’s a lot.

You want to know the best bit? Adshel’s network reaches 92% of Australians. Imagine what you could do with all that reach.

If this little teaser has piqued your interest, we’d be happy to take you through the full story. So give us a call or email us on, the sales stats will knock your socks off.