Path-To-Purchase – McDonald’s

Everyone recognises McDonald’s, we know it, they know it. They’re obviously pretty great at marketing themselves but there’s always room to learn new things – that’s why we partnered with them on research to test the hypothesis that reach and frequency has impact on influencing the purchasing funnel.

The study focussed on out-of-home’s capacity to drive consumer recall, awareness and trial of a freshly launched product – to keep things interesting, we’ll see if you can guess what product we’re talking about.

With Adshel’s coverage 24% of people recalled seeing the ad – tracking 2% above average out-of-home recall figures.

After passing just one Adshel panel, consumer awareness jumped 15% from 29% to 44%.

The good news doesn’t stop there – with each additional 10 viewings of an Adshel panel, product awareness jumped 5% with no sign of slowing down after 30+ exposures. Frequency works.

Whatever this product was, it must have been pretty delicious, we haven’t even covered how many people said they intended to buy it.

Have you guessed what it is yet? Crunchie McFlurry, good job (hot tip, it was in the picture). For the full story, why not pick up the phone or email us on