Did you want to be a superhero when you grew up? We did!

Adshel teamed up with Universal Sony to engage the Spiderman fan base and give them the opportunity to step into Spiderman’s world using the latest facial recognition technology. Bringing the concept to Town Hall Station, Adshel’s interactive panel allowed commuters to take a photo of themselves to be personified as Electro, and then broadcast across the entire digital network at Town Hall.

How do we know you thought this was cool too? The campaign’s interaction and engagement results were impressive…

15,571 people interacted with the campaign across 2 weeks and 1,610 uploaded their photo!

We were stoked to hit the bulls-eye fan base of men 20-35 who had the highest interactions with the campaign and 60% of users that took their Electro’fied selfie, published it to the entire digital network. Across the campaign, the average number of screen touch interactions per user was 5.8, demonstrating an engaging campaign for every user.

It seems these guys are as positive, engaged and excited about Spiderman 2 as we are…

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