The Adshel Effect

The classic Adshel poster hugely increases campaign effectiveness.

In an increasingly digitised media landscape, does the classic Adshel poster have any influence on campaign effectiveness?

Actually, Adshel increases results by over 20% at every stage of the consumer journey.

What we did: In an increasingly fragmented media landscape, we wanted to understand the role the classic Adshel poster plays today and more importantly, how Adshel increases campaign effectiveness.

How we did it: We measured over 13 Adshel broadcast campaigns which also ran across multiple mediums including TV, Radio and Online as well as other out-of-home formats. We partnered with independent research company Fiftyfive5 and started what was an ambitious research study, we were determined to leave no stone unturned.

  • 725 media diaries completed.
  • 6 ‘A day in the life of’ each the of Adshel Tribes.
  • Quantitative survey with over 3,000 respondents.

What we found? The study proved that by combining Adshel street furniture (at broadcast scale) with any media campaign, there was increased effectiveness at each stage of the consumer journey. In fact, campaign effectiveness metrics increased anywhere between 21% and 89%. Pretty effective, right?

But, what really blew us away was by adding an Adshel street furniture broadcast campaign to a media schedule, increased advocacy by 89%! Yes, 89%!

But, wait…. there’s more!
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