Be even more connected with your customers with interactive technologies including Beacons, QR codes or NFC. Fantastic at encouraging consumers to interact with your brand, talk about it and share it well beyond the panel or screen. Plus you will have results, insights and analytics at your fingertips.



Adshel have deployed permanent beacons across our digital network.

Traditionally used in a retail environment, beacons are small, wireless devices that communicate with smartphones through Bluetooth, within the vicinity of the beacon location.

You can now leverage your existing customer database to generate non-intrusive data through time of day positions and movement trends. You can also use this data to improve audience targeting by delivering the right message at the right time.



The possibilities are endless with Adshel’s mobile offering. Watch movies, short clips and videos. Download screen savers, ringtones, audio and video podcasts. Drive customers to retail outlets or website. Download redemption offers in the form of bar codes, vouchers and coupons. Click to call, or click to e-mail technology. Deliver targeted content to customers. Deliver unique codes driving competition entries via a website. It’s proven, out-of-home drives online and mobile is the vehicle that makes it all happen.