Adshel Live, our national digital roadside network, allows advertisers to captivate audiences by adapting messages to ensure relevance and impact anywhere, any time.
The networks consists of 220 high-definition digital screens across all of New Zealand.


    Capture more audience for longer with best in class digital assets. Our 75-inch ultra high definition screens deliver even greater clarity so creative leaps off the screens. Our screens adjust to local ambient light conditions and shine as bright as 2.500 candles per square meter!

    With eight second creative rotation drawing the eye, Adshel LIVE screens are placed in our highest demand, highest traffic and highest dwell time sites for even greater visibility.


    Total campaign flexibility allows greater effectiveness for your campaigns. Dynamic content provides you the freedom and agility to align to your business needs by delivering the most relevant message, at the right time and in the right place.

    Adapt your message to the context in which it is viewed, ensuring relevance to the audience, delivering greater impact and effectiveness.

    Adshel LIVE provides you with full control of your creative to deliver contextually relevant messages at scale.


    When it comes to effectiveness it’s all about location, location, location. From prime CBD sites, through to major suburbs in key retail and entertainment precincts, you’ll enjoy access to some of the best locations in New Zealand. Add in our range of high-quality eye-catching screens and an unparalleled audience and you have a truly superior network.